Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My lists are having babies...

Were it not for Excel, I'm pretty sure I'd have lost it awhile ago.  Making pretty charts and colorful lists and sparkly spreadsheets makes me happy.  Its my way of staying in control, you say?  Um, heck YEAH!  Let's see, I'm tracking whose medical records I still need, whose meds have yet to be delivered,  AND how I'm going to pack my make-up, jewelry, toiletries, and office supplies! See, when the going gets mind-numbingly tough, I attack the little things because that's about all my noggin can handle.  I am reasonably sure they sell face wash in Israel, but you better believe that my US-purchased St. Ives Apricot Scrub is coming with me and has been crossed off a "to-buy" list.  And my earrings?  They won't be graphed, but they will get their own little Ziploc baggies, lest they get loose in my luggage or mauled by a hair dryer or something equally threatening.

I miss the days when finding a comfy pair of pj's WITHOUT tripping over luggage to get to them was my biggest problem.  We are hardly 'slumming it' but the utter chaos is driving me to drink (I talk big, but I tend not to get too buzzed off Diet Dr. Pepper; clearly, I need to try harder).  I miss the days where my most intimidating list was the one that accompanied me on my foray to Jewel.  I miss the days when I didn't refer to them as the days I miss, but that's when I know that the overwhelming desire to stick my head under my pillows or if you prefer, in the toilet, is starting to win.

My whole life is one ball of chaos which is why I know that my sanity lay in the intersecting lines of a Microsoft worksheet.  There is a point where list making and list accomplishing becomes a whole lotta' busy work but for now, that's about all this weary head can handle. 

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