Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well folks, it happened today.  Haven't been getting solid sleep, my emotions are all over the place, I'm a big 'ol mush, and there's more to do than any one human being can process.  Tears gave way to frustration which gave way to panic which gave way to more tears, and on and on it went.  I was not at my best and kinda' let 'er rip.  I'd like to say that I've handled everything until this point with grace and dignity.  Lots of humor?  Yes.  But grace and dignity?  Um, sure.  I hear the Brooklyn Bridge is for sale....

Its not an excuse, but truth be told, this whole moving- across- the- world- while- upending- your- life- to- do- so would drive the sanest person batty.  And when you're not starting off as the sanest person, you're REALLY behind the eight ball. The stresses of renting the house, refilling prescriptions, sleeping on couches and praying for an unbroken wi-fi connection got the best of me and it was not pretty.  I suppose I should apologize to the pharmacist (even though some of our meds are on  manufacturer back order and NO ONE shared that tidbit with me), our real estate agent (sorry, but the thought of our renters doing work on the house while we're still in it is way more than I can handle), my 12 year old (OK, maybe my response to you was a wee bit over the top), and our internet router (tell me though, why do you feel the need to stop- start when I need you to just work??!!).  I promise to try to be nicer tomorrow, get a good night's sleep and remember there are worse things in this life. 

I'm gonna chalk it all up to being perceptibly human and pray that these moments don't repeat themselves.  Often.  OK, too often.  OK, not in the next few days.  I'm tryin', I'm tryin'.

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  1. What a beautiful, thought-provoking, honest and inspiring blog!! I can't believe it took you 6 posts to tell me about it ;-) What a journey for your family you will have and one day you will bind this blog into a book (Blurb is one such company who does this) and you will have the story of how you made an amazing dream come true for your family. Keep on keepin' on Rach!! You are in the moment, living the dream!!