Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'd like a word with G-D...

In an attempt to make sure, or at least try to ensure, that each of our kids feels appreciated, I like to spend time with them, one on one, when I can.  We've spent time in the mall, sometimes we spend time without spending money, and sometimes we hang out on the couch watching mind-numbing TV.  It’s important I think, to spend quality time with your progeny while coming up with new ideas for reality shows we've yet to see- Are You Smarter Than a Multi-Tasking, Harried, Working Mother?  Lifestyles of the Distracted and BUNNY, or The Real Housewives of Aliyah.  The possibilities are endless!

Yesterday was Reuven-Mommy day and Roo chose the Old City in Jerusalem as our hang out/ destination.  We ate lunch at the Central Bus Station (where the image of religious girls eating kosher McDonald's burgers enclosed in Kung Fu Panda wrappers is a trip and a half), went to Ben Yehudah street, a hot spot of tourist traps and cool stuff, walked through the Jerusalem Municipality grounds, and then headed to the Old City.  A religious experience of note as we walked through the holy grounds included our trip to Zislik, an ice cream/ frozen yogurt/ bakery store that makes our Aliyah worth it all on its own.  But fear not, we continued to aspire ever higher. 

We walked towards the Kotel (Western Wall), readied ourselves to walk through security, and I realized that we were spending our "Mommy and me time" at *THE* holiest site on the planet.  I mean, I love a good mani/ pedi with Esti, movie with Tzvika, all around drive with Roo, and trip to the sporting good store with YaYa, but we were hanging out at the Kotel!!  It seemed that the significance of being there was not lost on Roo either, as he kept asking for a pen and paper so he could write, and then place, a note in the Wall.  I assured him that while I only had a pen, G-D was a pretty good mind reader and overall communicator.  One of the many things I like about G-D is that, much like a far holier E.F. Hutton, when you talk, He really listens.

Roo and I took pictures in the Kotel plaza and he headed towards the Wall.  I was going to head over to the women's side, but instead, chose to observe him as he entered the Site. I watched as my 12 year old, wearing a black Dave and Buster's T-shirt, khaki shorts, knitted keepah, blue Converse sneakers, and overly folded white socks that he’d borrowed from someone's drawer, walked over to the Wall, took in everything around him, placed his hands on the stones, and spoke to G-D.  I don't know what he said nor does it matter.  But I watched as he seemed to let the holiness of the place and the serenity of where he stood seep into his pores.  I watched as he borrowed a siddur (prayer book) from a stand nearby, and prayed.  I watched, and stood, and cried.  I closed my eyes, thanked G-D for the gift of being in His presence, bringing us Home, and listening to my son.  I too, let the holiness seep in as my son stood at the Wall and shared his thoughts.  I watched my son, who is named for my father, connect intimately with who and what he really is.  And then I cried a little more. 

The Wall has this uncanny ability to equalize everyone and everything in Its presence. No one is more or less religious and it doesn't matter how much or how little, within reason, is covered.  We all stand before G-D when we stand at the Wall, which is perhaps why I felt so at peace when we were there.  More than that though, I felt a sweetness, a joy, as I watched my son, the one who I'm certain will one day make me pull my hair out, the one who I think may very well drive me to drink, and the one to whom I often contemplate yelling, "DO IT 'CAUSE I SAID SOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" He was a sight to behold as he and G-D shared their moment.
I went to the women's side to say Mincha, afternoon prayers, & had many a word with G-D.  Thank you is overused and often uttered meaninglessly, but I said it anyway.  I thanked G-D for His love,  compassion, strength, and understanding.  I thanked Him for opening my heart and that of my son's and giving us the ability to share our words with Him.


  1. Why do you make ne cry so much? This is so beautiful

  2. So beautiful Rachel. And just a reinforcer that your Roo is going to come out just find after the stress, trials and tribulations of leaving all that he knew to move to Israel. Looks like he is surely going to, and surely has, found his own path.