Friday, July 15, 2011

Living in increments...

Written July 6th, 2011

The insanity of moving to Israel is coming to a close, though I know that we are soon to face the insanity of living in Israel.  We are trading familiar mayhem for unknown chaos, but the family that loses it together eventually comes together.  Right?

Our year has been punctuated by key events.  Thank G-D most were positive, anticipated, and kept a flow of sorts going.  Our daughter, now 16, left home on August 31st to spend her sophomore year in Israel. I will forever remember that day as bittersweet; Esti got to go to Israel and I got to watch my eldest baby go off, on her own, without us, without me.  I cried like an overtired baby that day (and the days before and after).  I cried so hard while exiting the airport that it took the kindness of a stranger at JFK to bring be back to reality.  She touched my arm, smiled, and without saying a word, did her best to assure me that all would be OK.  I was, in short, a mess.

As the year progressed, I visited Esti with our youngest in November and scouted out schools in and around Beit Shemesh.  My husband visited Esti with our second oldest in February and scouted out housing in the same area.  I went to California days after my husband’s return to test for Krav Maga certification, and flew to NY for my uncle’s funeral in March.  By April, Esti had come in for Passover break, and the rollercoaster ride sped up.  Our lift came and went on June 21st, Esti returned from Israel days later, and goodbye parties followed in rapid succession.  

We jumped from thing-to-thing all year and here I sit, mentally preparing for the second- to- biggest thing, the trip to NY that will lead us to our trip to Israel.  I hope you can excuse me for taking a blog break, as I’m going to need a few moments to put my head back on.  I’m not picky-  it doesn’t even have to be on straight, just on, preferably my shoulders. I see smooth skies and simultaneous turbulence ahead and I’m hanging on for dear life!  See you on the other side of the pond….

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